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>  Ecopia Roadshows & Free Tyre Check Service


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December 2012

On the 18th of November, KNIE kicked off the Ecopia Roadshow  at City Mall, with attractive freebies and free tyre check service (TCS). The objective of the roadshow is to launch and showcase Ecopia tyres and secondly, to brand Bridgestone as the No. 1 eco-company in the industry.  

KNIE spent 3 consecutive Sundays (25th Nov, 2nd Dec & 9th Dec) to conduct the free TCS in conjunction with the Ecopia Roadshow at different locations. 

>  Miss Bridgestone Cambodia 2012


16 December 2012

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  • Miss Bridgstone Cambodia to be crowned in January 2014


Welcome to Cambodia!

KNIE - Sole distributor of Bridgestone tires

>  Miss Bridgestone Cambodia 2013


19 January 2014

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